[École d’été] eXist-db/XQuery for Humanists

We’re happy to announce our first Summer School: eXist-db/XQuery for Humanists, June 15-19, 2020, to take place in Lyon, France.

Download the PDF at Github for details on the course and applying to this summer school – a rare opportunity to learn the XML database eXist-db and XQuery techniques as applied to humanist projects and goals.

Application deadline: Feb. 9, 2020

Why this course?
eXist-db and XQuery permit humanist researchers to maximize the potential of XML technologies to perform analysis and publish results in formats ranging from print to websites to APIs. However, courses in XQuery and eXist-db databases for non-programming specialists are exceedingly rare. This course will provide a guided, practically-oriented, workshop-based experience that will allow attendees to create functional applications and websites within 5 days: the training will be hands-on, led by humanists experienced in eXist-db development.

Who is this course for?
This course is offered to graduate students, post-docs, professors, and researchers experienced in XML and XPATH who, leveraging that knowledge, desire to create complete XML databases and web applications. As such, applicants must have demonstrable experience in XML, XPATH, and XSLT. Attendees must also be comfortable with HTML, CSS, Javascript and technical discussions of websites and internet protocol. All instruction will be in English.

There are no course costs.

The school will welcome 15 applicants who are committed to attending all 5 days, 9:30am – 6pm
Organizer: Jean-Paul Rehr
Advisory Committee: Marjorie Burghart, Emmanuelle Morlock
Participer: envoyer un courriel à exist.bootcamp.lyon@gmail.com
en joignant une lettre de motivation et un cv en anglais (voir modalités précises sur le pdf)
: Lyon
Quand: 15-19 juin 2020


Doctorant, philologie et littérature médiévale castillane. Casa de Velázquez, ENS de Lyon

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