[Parution] Rodrigo Furtado and Marcello Moscone (ed.), From Charters to Codex Studies on Cartularies and Archival Memory in the Middle Ages, Turnhout, Brepols, 2019, XVI + 328 p.

During recent decades, there has been a profound change in the way that researchers have read and interpreted the sources of the Middle Ages. This shift has prompted scholars to reconsider the historical value of the medieval cartularies. From Charters to Codex. Studies on Cartularies and Archival Memory in the Middle Ages features a selection of papers that were presented at the international conference on Cartularies in Medieval Europe: Texts and Contexts held by the Centre for Classical Studies at the University of Lisbon (11-12 June 2015).

This book focuses mainly on cartularies in the strict sense of the term, mostly produced within the ecclesiastical sphere. Moreover, some of the contributions presented here regard (or also regard) documentary collections in volume form that cannot be identified with the libri iurium et privilegiorum as traditionally understood, but were equally born out of the need to organise the parchment charters that formed the archives of their creators and to make them usable for a number of purposes. This volume, which approaches the topic through various case studies, will be of use not only to scholars who are engaged in the study of cartularies but also to researchers who are involved in the broader investigation of how and to what ends medieval institutions established and managed their archival memories.

Table of Contents

R. FurtadoM. Moscone, Preface

J. M. Ruiz Asencio, Tres cartularios en el Becerro Gótico de Valpuesta. ¿Los más antiguos de los Reinos Hispánicos Occidentales?

J. A. Fernández Flórez, El Becerro Gótico de Cardeña. Aproximación a sus características más significativas

S. Serna Serna, Validations in Cardeña Gothic Cartulary: Signs, Monograms and Chrismons

M. Herrero de la Fuente, El Becerro Gótico de Sahagún

F. Tinti, El papel de la memoria en la producción de los cartularios de Worcester

L. Agúndez San Miguel, Reacción y defensa en la producción de los cartularios de Sahagún

D. Peterson, Order and Disorder in the Cartularies of San Millán de la Cogolla

B. FaddaM. Rapetti, Cartulari del Mediterraneo occidentale. Il caso dei condaghi sardi

M. Calleri, Il monastero di Chiaravalle Milanese e le sue raccolte documentarie (secc. XIII-XIV in.)

M. L. Mangini, Libri e munda. Considerazioni in margine a un progetto sui cartulari ecclesiastici italiani (secoli XIII-XIV)

S. Macchiavello, Il più antico livellario della collegiata di Santa Maria delle Vigne di Genova (secoli XIII-XIV): genesi, struttura, funzioni di una raccolta in progress

H. Vasconcelos Vilar, From Copy to Register: Organising Memory in the Diocese of Évora in the First Half of the 14th Century

D. Belmonte Fernández, Organizar la memoria y administrar el patrimonio en la catedral de Sevilla. El Libro Blanco y el Libro de Dotaciones de 1411

A. de Oliveira Leitão, O Livro Verde da Universidade de Coimbra: o cartulário medieval da universidade portuguesa

N. Vigil Montes, Cartularios para la diplomacia de las monarquías bajomedievales. La promoción de los cartularios para la diplomacia de la dinastía portuguesa de Avis

Index of Manuscripts

Source : Brepols

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