Appel à contribution:MOVEMENT AND MOBILITY IN THE MEDIEVAL MEDITERRANEAN (6TH – 15TH CENTURIES):08-12/07/2019, Barcelona, Institut d’Estudis Catalans[délai:31/12/2018]

The conference will be dedicated to the memory of the former president of the Society, Professor Simon Barton.
The keynote lectures will be delivered by Professor Petra Sijpesteijn (University of Leiden), 8th July 2019, and Professor Amy Remensnyder (Brown University), 10th July 2019.

The medieval Mediterranean was not a static maritime space. In recent years, studies have focused on Mediterranean dynamics, connections, encounters and entanglements. What approaches do researches from History, Literature, Archaeology, Philology and other disciplines adopt to better understand the complexity of the medieval Mediterranean? How and to what extent did multiple agents, phenomena and factors interact to shape and intertwine the multidimensional spheres of the Mediterranean? We welcome papers from all disciplines that study movement and mobility
from different perspectives in and across the medieval Mediterranean and its extensions, both physical and imagined. This theme invites a variety of lines of inquiry, a number of which are suggested below.

Topics of the conference could include, but are by no means limited to:
Multicultural contacts, transculturation and assimilation in the medieval Mediterranean
Medieval Mediterranean crossings
Circulation of political, religious and cultural ideas
Circulation of people and commodities
Major and minor, forced and voluntary migrations
Pilgrimage and religious mobility
Diplomacy and its agents
Commerce and its agents
Military expeditions and coastal defence
Naval technology and navigation
Medieval Mediterranean geostrategy
Geographical explorations
Links between the Mediterranean and connected seas (Atlantic, Black Sea, Red Sea)


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